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All information below is submitted to us by the public and is not the opinion of NewYorkAutoBody.Com



    A&B Auto Body

    Hannah St.

    Staten Island, NY 


    Date:  Feb. 28, 2003, Time: 05:25:54
    Vehicle: Nissan Altima
    Shop Rating: 1    

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "I have had my car repaired several times before it was repaired by A&B Auto Body. After i got my car back it was horrible. I know this sounds extreme, but my back bumper actually fell off. For all innocent people looking to get your car repaired A&B is located on Hannah Street in Staten Island, NY " -Sincerly,Very Angry Customer



    Alfaro Motors

    354 Devoe St.

    Brooklyn, NY 11211



    Date:  June 7, 2001, Time: 20:58:54

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "My company is a vendor to this shop.  They are a slow pay, unresponsive organization. Our debts go back over 4 months.  Debts are not contested, just unpaid. Does a consumer want to do business with a company that isn't paying its bills?  The public should know. Be forewarned."



    Bergen County Collision

    238 W Forest Ave.

    Englewood, NJ 07631

    201- 227-0506


    Date:  February 7, 2006, Time: 16:40:51

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "Uses after market parts when insurance company pays for OEM. Rude and a scam."



    Bergen County Collision

    238 W Forest Ave.

    Englewood, NJ 07631

    201- 227-0506


    Date:  February 7, 2006, Time: 08:36:23

    Shop Rating : -1    

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "The owner is extremely rude, a cheat, a liar and cons people."


   Dart Towing

   4320 Bronx Blvd.

   Bronx, NY 10466


    Date:  January 11, 2012, Time: 13:18:55
    Vehicle: n/a
    Shop Rating: -1

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "My car was there for almost a month, the estimate changed 2 times (more
expensive) from the original, they did a horrible job. The door they had fixed
would not close properly and didn't lock either. I had to go back 3 times for
the same problem and still was not fixed, i ended up taking the car to my
dealership to have it fixed. They took $10,000 from my insurance company and
"repaired" the car with used parts. Left some broken parts in the car instead of
replacing them, the interior had glue all over it. It was a disaster. If you
hear the name Dart Towing run the other way! They try to get you cuz they have a
deal with enterprise to get you a cheap rental (that was the only good thing),
but don't fall for it."



   Decarlo Auto Body

   787 Hoosick Road

    Troy, NY 12180


    Date:  July 30, 2005, Time: 12:11:59

    Vehicle: Ford Mustang

    Shop Rating: 3

    Anonymous User wrote:


    "I took my car there, a Ford Mustang, after an accident this winter and it was the worst service I've ever seen from a body shop. After my insurance agent gave me an itemized quote I took it to this repair shop so that they could start the job. Well, I gave them a copy of the quote and let them have a week's head start to order the parts so that when I brought the car in on Monday they would have parts ready. I dropped the car off the following Monday and didn't hear anything for 3 weeks. Nothing, nada, zip! So I called up and got some BS about how it's in progress so I stopped by to look at it and not much had been done. Then, to make matters worse they brought my vehicle to a shoddy Midas who wouldn't align the car without extra money because my car had subframes supports on the bottom of the chassis. (These subframes are OEM and not even aftermarket.) Midas refused to do it and I told the owner to bring it to a Ford dealership. Instead it wound up at a Meineke with the same result. On the fifth week it was there my insurance company called up to say that the car would be ready by Friday at the very latest. Well then the body shop called up wanting to put in another headlight because they couldn't find the right part and I didn't want to do that. I show up on Saturday and the car isn't ready. (Bear in mind that now I am paying $30 a day for a rental vehicle since my insurance pays only for a month.) The owner says he never promised it'd be ready by Friday. I finally get the car back the next and everything looks fine. I take it home and notice that the flap in the back window well has never been attached, the fuse box cover is off, car is still not aligned, and the headlights were never beam adjusted with one light having a larger gap on the bottom. The owner did pay for an alignment at another dealership at the end but I still wasn't satisfied with the service. I'm also not confident that the unibody was thoroughly checked for damage or bending and not confident that a mechanic looked over the vehicle for any. I took it there once before in the Summer for a small dent and the service was great. What happened?"



    Depalo & Sons Auto Body

    Huntington Village, NY 


    Date:  June 5, 2004, Time: 18:30:43

    Vehicle: Black Lexus

    Shop Rating: 1

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "Depalo and Sons in Huntington Village, New York is a complete rip off. Their work is shotty and management is unprofessional. They thrive on ripping people off by telling them lies about when the car would be done. Their paint chipped off my hood after only 2 weeks! This place has unworkman-like tactics and should be closed down."



    Depalo & Sons Auto Body

    Huntington Village, NY 


    Date:  November 29. 2009, Time: 17:37:17

    Vehicle: 2006 Cadillac

    Shop Rating: 1

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "I went there to get a rear quarter panel fixed after an accident.The owner changed his original estimate[that should have given me a clue] Workmanship was very poor.I should have listened to other negative reviews on the internet.[see other review on this site.]STAY AWAY!."



    Executive Auto Collision

    Bayshore, NY 


    Date:  October 31, 2006, Time: 00:40:38

    Vehicle: 2004 Monte Carlo

    Shop Rating: -100

    Deborah Fairchild wrote:


     "I recently had my car repaired as a result of an accident, at Executive Auto Collision Located at 224 East Main St in Bay Shore. Although the work that was finally performed was very good, my car was returned to me with additional damage. I had a brand new 2005 Monty Carlo in mint condition. I told the shop how picky and fussy I was with my car before they took on the job. That did not seam to be a problem at the time, however upon picking my car up I noticed a row of dents spaced about 2 inches apart going all the way down the hood of my car. The body man himself pointed them out to me and said he never saw them when I dropped the car off to him. Which I may add he was right, they were no dents when I brought him the car. The damage from the accident was confined to the drivers door and back quarter pannel. Well I happen to have a very close friend in the automotive business that immediately recognized them as dents made by someone who was using my car as a work area while! it was in the shop. When I pointed this out to the owner he said he would look into it. I spoke to the body man who actually did the work and he too agreed that it must of happened while it was in the shop, however the owner would not agree to repair the damage even after his own employee said it happened there. My insurance company which is Nationwide uses them as a drive in service, so naturally I felt they would be honest and reliable. Now I am left with perusing legal channels or filing another insurance claim. All of which I should not have to do. This company is a rip off and very dishonest and I want to warn anyone who brings their car there to be very careful, you may want to reconsider giving them your business."



   Federal Auto Body

    Flushing, NY 


    Date:  May 25, 2006, Time: 18:54:26

    Vehicle: 2003 Ford Mustang

    Shop Rating: 5

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "I brought my 2003 Mustang to this shop. When I got the car back, their was damage to the carpet in my trunk.(the rear bumper needed to be replaced)...The weather stripping located where the driver door closes had had to be removed for repairs...that was damaged which I eneded up replacing on my own....also there were a couple of imperfections in my paint job....but most irritating was the fact that my inside door panel that overlays my window switches was IMPROPERLY placed back in position..I found this out when I had my dealer replace the driver side mirror for me..apparently, the plastic "pins" that hold the piece in place broke and they HOT-GLUED the piece back."



   Hackensack Auto Body

    Hackensack, NY 


    Date:  April 12, 2005, Time: 20:18:15

    Vehicle: Honda Accord EX

    Shop Rating: 0

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "Disgusting service, so rude.. Before they got my cheque they said the job would be done in 5 days or a week max. Its been 2 months now and I still haven't got my car back. Now they want a supplement cheque for the extra work done and I have to wait for my insurance company to send them one which they have said they have already. but i still cant get my car because the cheque hasn't been cleared. I thought the max time a cheque took to get cleared is 1 week. so why r they holding on to my car. I have been paying for rental for more then a month and now they say that if I want the car I pay them cash or wait till the cheque is cleared. Worst bunch of criminals I have come across. I hope and pray none of u stop by there."



    Habberstad BMW Collision Center

    Huntington Station, NY 


    Date:  August 20, 2004, Time: 20:38:27

    Vehicle: BMW

    Shop Rating: 0

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "This company insists that you pay cash so that everything is under the table.  Their work is horrible.  My paint started to haze and crack after 60 days.  It took them 45 days to repair my car.  My insurance only paid for a rental car for 20 days.  Guess who got stuck paying the rest while their car was sitting in a parking lot collecting dust.  For being the only certified BMW repair shop on Long Island (which by the way isn't true) you would expect much better work."


    Habberstad BMW Collision Center

    Huntington Station, NY 


    Date:   June 30, 2008, Time: 20:38:27

    Vehicle: BMW M5

    Shop Rating: 1

    Anonymous User wrote:


     "Stay away From this shop They are thieves and liars. I had my car worked on by this shop and now have to seek legal council. They have put my life in danger with their work."


    Habberstad BMW Collision Center

    Huntington Station, NY 


    Date:   July 20, 2010, Time: 10:49:51

    Vehicle: Anonymous

    Shop Rating: 1

    Anonymous User wrote:


    "The worst criminals around if you want your car to look sorta fixed but be very crooked this is the spot!!!!!"



    Roy Body Shop

    3437 White Plains Rd.

  Bronx, NY 


    Date:   October 20, 2010, Time: 07:24:23

    Vehicle: Camry

    Shop Rating: 1

    Simone wrote:


    "I  drop off my car at roy body shop, they take parst off your car put on other cars, when u give him money to buy a parts, he, I buy 4 tire to put on my car he take my tire on put his son car, we have the same car, my wind shield wiper he take it off, on put it on is son car, the tire i buy was a 16 and the one my car is a 15, they r thief."








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